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Fabiola Avelino attended School of Architecture & City Planning in her early years in Brazil when she moved to Las Vegas in 2001.  It didn’t take long for her career to develop,  as her signature style was quickly recognized from high-end residential to hospitality projects.


As a frequent world traveler & eclectic art lover, her creations are a reflection of her exotic international approach to design & her architectural background.  She is best known for her intuitive creativity by being a genuine listener.

Serving a Fortune 500 clientele nationwide, her talent is found on the primary residences and vacation homes of International clients, including Sports Players, Surgeons, Developers, Investors, amongst others. 


Fabiola and her designs have been published locally and internationally, and in 2016 she was voted the Best Interior Designer of Las Vegas.

"A welcoming & embracing home is by far one of the most subtle yet effective forms of every day therapy."


Fabiola Avelino

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