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Lh first met Las Vegas-based interior design, Fabiola Avelino, in Chicago at the BOLD Summit in 2017 where our publisher KOKET’s founder and Desire chairs took the stage. Her vibrant and genuine spirit instantly delighted us and we are so happy to be able to share her and her beautiful work!

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Veteran interior designer Fabiola Avelino continues to make waves leaving her signature juxtapositions of antique and contemporary elements in luxe residences around the city. 

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Fabiola Avelino Interiors is helmed by the unique Fabiola Avelino, famous in Las Vegas for her love of attention to detail. This interior decorator really showcases what it means to be creative, by focusing on these small little details that with her designs do not go unnoticed. 

At Love Happens we are passionate about celebrating the power of women, and beauty in all forms. So we are beyond excited to share with you here some of the most fashionable women in design!

Fashion and interiors have always shared a bond, so it comes as no surprise that interior designers are often as fashionable as their creations. And while this stands true whether male or female, this piece is all about giving a big shot out to some of the most fashionable female interiors designers!

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The 50 States Project is a yearlong series of candid conversations with interior designers we admire, state by state. Today, we’re chatting with Brazilian-born, Las Vegas–based Fabiola Avelino, who explains why she delegates everything

but the design itself.


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